The many faces of Russell. Part 2.

Russell is a fictional character based on this image by Simon Wijers. Part 1 is HERE

“I’m not doing it Shank… many times do I have to say this”

Benjamin teetered behind him as he walked “Russell please reconsider this opportunity; this trial could revolutionise treatment for this disease. It could really put us on the map, the trustees won’t even give it a second look without you on board” Benjamin was clutching at straws, he trailed behind Russell’s confident stride through the familiar corridors 

“Shank, it’s almost midnight, I’m just out of surgery, surely this can wait” he shouted without even turning around to look at Benjamin as the words left his mouth. “But Russell this can’t wait, we have the perfect candidate in the hospital right now and without this surgery he will die”

Russell stopped in his tracks and turned to see the desperation in his face. “and this surgery will potentially kill him, and you want that on our conscience? You want me to look a dying man in the eye and tell him I can save him, and this revolutionary treatment will change his life and he’ll live happily ever after? You want me to LIE to him”

“But Mr Hargreaves, sir, please just consider the research” He stretched out his arm to hand him the file. He thought of all the long nights he’s stayed up researching, every moment in between his own commitments and patients at the hospital, his heart felt like it was starting to burn as Russell’s eyes shut him down without even any words, he just shook his head.

Benjamin’s arm still stretched out, the two men stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity. Benjamin’s heart was pounding, the anticipation was overwhelming. Russell’s green eyes were intense and thoughtful and in one tiny squint of his eyes he looked down at the file and looked back up at Benjamin’s puppy dog eyes pleading with him.

“Shank I’ll see you in the morning. I’m sorry.” He turned and continued his stride.

“but but” muttered Benjamin in a desperate tone.

Russell stopped again firmly and turned to face him with a frown deepening in his aged face. “Shank, I’ve been in this game a long time, I can see how much this means to you but the answer is, and is always going to be no. I researched this myself many times over, I feel your passion I really do, I understand your motives, but no consultant in this hospital will take on this trial, least of all me. Give up” Benjamin opened his mouth to continue his argument, but Russell shut him down within seconds “GIVE UP” he said in a raised voice with wide eyes.

He immediately softened his face and raised a one-sided smile. “Good night shank” he said as he walked through the double doors.

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