The many faces of Russell. Part 1.

Russell is a fictional character based on this image by Simon Wijers

As I sat in the park contemplating what had just happened, I felt something at my feet that distracted me from my thoughts. It set my reflexes into action and my foot jumped. As I looked down there was a little dog sniffing at my feet. He had a sweet face, he was clearly an older dog, but a loved dog. He was well maintained with a mahogany leather collar with a gleaming gold disc attached.

“Jack…Jack…here boy” cried a voice in the distance.

I tickled the dog behind his ears and his eyes looked at me like they were smiling. I was happy to have this distraction, his timing was impeccable, it was like he knew I needed the comfort and reassurance. The calling of “Jack” became louder and I looked out onto the grass to see a well-kept man coming towards me to reclaim his sweet dog. He had a confident stride and seemed familiar within the park. He wore a black polo neck sweater tucked into dark denim jeans secured with a dark brown leather belt with some gold symbol I wasn’t familiar with. The dark brown leather matched his immaculate deck shoes that distanced him from the park regular he appeared to be. I thought, this was a man who knew what he wanted out of life, as he walked towards me, he lifted his hand to re-tuck his windswept died hair back into place. He represented success, assurance and confidence. As he got closer, he smiled a slightly unsettled smile, where he only smiled on one side like he was unsure if smiling was suitable in this situation. His eyes were squinting in the sunlight “I’m so sorry about him” he said apologetically in a deep well-spoken tone. I could see his face clearly now his expression was intense, and his face was weathered, it was like every line on his face had a story to tell. His most prominent line in the frown area, made him look very serious.

He crouched down and patted the panting dog on the head, his hands were wrinkled and tanned dotted with freckles “watcha doing Jack-in-box” he said affectionately to the dog, Jack immediately responded by jumping up and stretching his paws up to his waist. His eyes were gentle as he tried to be firm with Jack, “no Jack down!! Sit!!” he ushered the dog to sit. “damn dog” he said to me “10 years of training and he still doesn’t listen to a word I say, I’m clearly too soft on him”. I smiled. “sorry to have disturbed you” he said politely and hooked the lead back onto his collar. “that’s ok” I said “he’s adorable”

“You hear that Jack, the lady said you’re adorable” Jacks tail wagged frantically as the pair walked away. I watched them until I couldn’t see them anymore and wished I had a ‘jack-in-the-box” of my own. 

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