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It’s rude to stare..

As a child I was frequently told off for ‘staring’. I’d be nudged discreetly and sometimes firmly, mocked and told not to do it. I didn’t always recognise I was doing it, but sometimes I was lost in the staring – lost in the trying to figure someone out, trying to ‘see’ who a person … Continue reading It’s rude to stare..

Misty December Nights

*Jamie and Irene’s names have been changed Driving home in increasingly thickening fog. Beautiful streams of light shine through the lulling mist I know at least three of the nine patients I have seen today may not still be there when I return tomorrow. ….They may well be part of the mist. And here we … Continue reading Misty December Nights


The first weekend in September, I had some work colleagues over to my house for the first time. One of them commented on the décor and said several times – It’s just ‘so Zoe’. She had presented me with a bouquet of pastel coloured roses and stocks telling me she got them because they were … Continue reading September

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