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The first weekend in September, I had some work colleagues over to my house for the first time. One of them commented on the décor and said several times – It’s just ‘so Zoe’. She had presented me with a bouquet of pastel coloured roses and stocks telling me she got them because they were … Continue reading September


*Adeline and her cats names have been changed I named her Adeline because when I said goodbye to her for the last time I got in my car and a song called ‘Adeline’ by The Dip came on as I drove away.  And so to me…and now to you, she became ‘Adeline’ as she took … Continue reading Adeline

Some Nights

Some nights you wake up every hour. Not ideal when you’re on the early shift this morning with the rest of the week ahead. Some nights some people just stick with you, and it’s visual – you can close your eyes and see their faces. See the framed photographs on the wall and the dog … Continue reading Some Nights

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