The first weekend in September, I had some work colleagues over to my house for the first time.

One of them commented on the décor and said several times – It’s just ‘so Zoe’. She had presented me with a bouquet of pastel coloured roses and stocks telling me she got them because they were ‘Zoe colours’ – I probed her on what this meant and I guess she sees me as a springtime girl with all the pinks and the pastels.

I do love spring. I’m a May baby and I love the colours and all the hope and the prospect of longer days and summer haze. It’s all blooming flowers, new life, leaping lambs and fresh green. So in that sense she was right.

But there is something about September. It’s very far from spring, and also the start of our descent into winter, but it has a lot to offer….Indian summers, jewel coloured Dahlias, and my country walks enhanced by fresh apples and blackberries, to name a few. 

September is back to school and new year, new shoes, new beginnings. There’s something special about that. You could say January really represents the ‘new year’ but there is a lot less hope it January – it’s hard, it’s cold, it’s gloomy and it’s dark. I’d much rather celebrate the new year as we head into autumn and enjoy those last long hazy evenings before the leaves start to turn. 

As a stationary fiend, I always like to browse the back to school aisle. Nurses can never have enough pens….or notebooks for that matter, and why not add a pencil case you never knew you needed until that back to school offer? 

This September I’m also starting a new job, so it feels even more September-ish than usual. I’ve got a new uniform and a pair of shiny new shoes for work. I was given a new Parker pen as a leaving gift and I’m also going to have a new teacher and will have to make new friends! 

There’s a lot of love for September, maybe that’s why Earth Wind and Fire ‘September’ is actually one of my favourite songs. It feels like a good time for fresh starts and to set new goals. It’s the start of the Cosy season and sometimes the weather is even better than it has been all summer! 

It’s the start of things changing, a reminder that change is ok and with change comes new opportunities, a new season, new growth. 

Roll on the “21st night of September!” 

Image by Kerstin Riemer

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